Adopt a SafeHouse Quilt!

By Roberta Myyra

Hello Fellow Quilters!

Since our record-breaking Fabric Sale in October, we have had several interesting donations, all have had partially made or unfinished quilt tops.

Usually I would put these on the SafeHouse table for you to pick up at a Quilt Day meeting. Since we won’t see each other ’til July, I am feeling the need to get them out of my house.

I laid all of the quilts out during our last donation sorting meeting and my crack team picked out border and backing fabrics for all 12 quilts. We will include batting as well.

Please have a look at the pictures below and adopt one of these lovely little quilts. These photos represent a sampling of what’s available.

Let me know which quilt top you would like via email ( I will leave it out on my porch for pick-up, or I can meet you somewhere.

Rumor has it that there are a bunch more quilt tops coming, so Lynne and I have been talking about a “swarm” (likely involving a Coney Island and breakfast) when we get those tops, so you can pick them up there. I will photograph and annotate them like I have this batch and we will publish them so you can claim the top you decide to adopt and finish.

Hope you all are well, and that we might FINALLY see Spring sometime SOON, and each other in July!


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This post was written by Susan Schwandt


  • Jill Ault says:

    I have a quilt ready for quilting (layers basted together), that I clearly am not going to quilt. Maybe you would like it for a Safe House quilt?

    • Mary Beth Donovan says:

      Hi Jill, please contact our SafeHouse Liaison, Anne Rapundalo, at We have a few tops and layered quilts being donated that need to be finished and are working on a way to get them done.