David Owen Hastings is a very busy guy, and he’s coming to GAAQG May 21-23!

By Arlene Kindel
April 20, 2021

David Owen Hastings is a quilter, graphic designer, print and textile artist, and creative coach.  He creates textile art through dyeing, painting, collage, stitching, fabric printing and manipulation, and produces richly layered contemporary pieces with lots of texture and depth.  He lectures, teaches numerous workshops on design and many different quilting and sewing techniques, and is very fluent with tech and social media.  He is a leader in the modern quilt world and a past president (2020) of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild.  He does graphic design work exclusively for non-profit organizations.  Oh, and did I mention that he is also a gardener and a home cook?


David has been knitting and sewing since he was a kid.  He draws much of his inspiration from nature, and his organic prints and collages often reflect the patterns, colors, texture and elements of the natural world.  On the other hand, his contemporary quilt designs are often based on architecture or other works of art.  He has studied Shibori indigo dyeing and Sashiko stitching techniques in Japan and incorporates these into his striking quilts and “visible mending” techniques.

David loves to entertain and inspire, and loves helping people explore their creativity through his workshops and lectures.  He makes his workshops fast-paced and fun, presenting fresh ideas and out-of-the-box techniques that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing!


Here is a quote from David that I think we can all relate to: “There’s something magical in taking a length of yarn or a piece of fabric and turning it into something useful and beautiful with your own hands. It’s enchanting. I’m one of the believers that crafts like knitting and quilting can be both an artistic expression, as well as good for the soul.”


David will be conducting two workshops for GAAQG via Zoom.  Friday’s workshop (May 21) is titled “Indi-Go-Modern.”  The class will start with a quick stitched paper exercise, to flex your creative muscles.  Then each participant will develop a simple geometric block design based on unfolded origami shapes, then translate the designs to blue and white fabrics, set a theme, create variations, and combine them into the beginning of a fresh and modern mini quilt top.  SPACES ARE AVAILABLE.  GAAQG members register on the Members Only Workshop Registration page.


“Inspired by Architecture” is David’s Sunday (May 23) workshop.  David will guide participants through a creative process for designing modern abstract quilts, taking inspiration from architectural photos to develop dynamic and unique quilt designs.  THIS WORKSHOP IS SOLD OUT but contact workshopregistrar@gaaqg.com to be placed on a wait list.


On Saturday, May 22, David will present a lecture “Minimal Design, Maximum Impact” during our May Quilt Day.  Non-members may attend by purchasing a ticket for $10.00.  Click here to register


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