QU 2017 – Saturday & Sunday – Playtime: Intuitive Design – Dianne Hire

1 SPOT LEFT (due to a cancellation)

Intermediate to Advanced  –  Focus: Design, Technique, Intuitive Color

Need to lighten up? Not having any quilting fun? Tired of prissy little piecing? Then this 2-day Saturday & Sunday workshop’s for you. Improvisational and intuitive, author of Quilter’s PlaytimeDianne Hire will show you how to play liberating games at your sewing machine, allow creative juices to flow. We’ll slice and dice fabrics, trade slivers of blocks, hunt for the bright colors just begging for a place to land in a quilt. Return home with a few oxymoron blocks, in random order. Can’t you see it now?  Fabrics all over the floor…mayhem, chaos, delightful laughter.  Requirement:  Excellent Sense of Humor!…and a good friendship with a sewing machine/basic piecing knowledge.  

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