GAAQG UFO Busters Wants You!

By Lori Rhode
January 1, 2021

Too little time, too ambitious a project, and too little experience are common reasons that our quilting projects become unfinished objects. The guild’s UFO Busters small group began about 5 years ago to create a time and space to sew in community –where dedicated hours and companionship, peppered with a little quilty advice, can help get projects done.

UFO Busters is recruiting new members. It’s the rare quilter who starts one project at a time and only moves on to another after that project is done. There are so many projects, so many more-challenging-than-expected projects. And, so many alluring new fabrics, patterns, and techniques to learn. All these result in lots of learning and making, but not always in a direct route to finishing.

The UFO Busters of GAAQG, will launch the New Year with a virtual sewing event.  Formerly this guild group met monthly at a library meeting room.  Once we can safely do so, we will meet again in-person. Meanwhile, guild members who want to be added to the UFO Buster contact list, email



Since, UFOs are common for all quilters, here are a few suggestions to help you finish yours:

  • clean up your sewing space, at least seasonally….working in a cluttered space is harder.
  • organize, box or categorize your UFOs. Make a list of the projects. Put all the supplies, fabrics, and directions together. From this point, you can begin to prioritize and make decisions.
  • give yourself dedicated time to sew, carve out a set time for sewing and trim out time-wasters such as social media. A quilting retreat or sewing getaway is an ideal block of time for stalled projects .
  • evaluate the list of projects and look for ways to prune some from the list. If you are not excited at the prospect of working on something, give it away, downsize the project, or find an easier method to finish it, or grit your teeth and get it done. It may be a technique you never use again, but once done will become a milestone you conquered.
  • make a pact or contract with yourself to get a specific project or group of UFOs done. An accountability partner could help with achieving this goal.
  • use an end-of-project reward as a motivator to reach the goal of completing a project.
  • join a group such as UFO Busters. While sewing in community, even a virtual community, you can move forward and enjoy the time, laughing and sharing with friends.

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This post was written by Mary Beth Donovan


  • Avatar Janice Recinos says:

    Me too! Too many projects started, not finishing themselves.

  • Avatar Carol Palk says:

    I would love to have a dedicated day to do reduce my

  • Avatar Lori Rhode says:

    Completed my first UFO of the year. The siddi quilt in the top left photo is done. Happy dance time!

  • Avatar Betsy Price says:

    Fleece pieces- I have LOTS of fleece pieces that are too small for hats I am making. They are smaller than 6″ high (lengthwise grain) x 18″ wide (cross grain), but may be longer or wider than these dimensions. I’d love to give those to anyone who can use them. Please let me know if you’d like them. Thanks!

  • Avatar Sue Wilson says:

    I am in need of busting my UFO’s. Thanks