I need brain exercise!

Do you remember the beginnning of Sound of Music when Maria emerged at the top of the hill and started singing her joy into the hills? Does your pandemic day start with that joy? Or are we at a slightly quieter level of exuberance?

We are fortunate to have the passion of quilting in our lives and that has helped so many of us. We are all getting used to online work, school, shopping. Face time has often had to replace family visits and we’re tired of our own cooking.

I am ready to try something different! Because our guild has joined the rest of the world in online capabilities, we still have access to the finest teachers—even some that perhaps were too far away before. In March we will have that opportunity with award winning teacher, Margarita Korioth. I am sooooo excited! I took a class with her at Quilt National and totally love her techniques.


Working with paper and fabric together has been an experiment that I have tried on my own—and failed at! Working with Margarita changed that. Her techniques are thorougly researched and tested but we get to have the fun of playing with her results! She has made all the mistakes for us!



I’ve had some questions about both class descriptions sounding so similar, and even wondering why there is a large kit fee for the second class. So I asked Margarita those same questions!

Friday’s class is Instant Paper Cloth and she tells us that “in Instant Paper Cloth the students will complete a mixed media work of art.” We get to learn how to combine elements without all the gloppy mess of gel medium or glue. Paper, fabric, stitch, are mixed in ways that you may not have tried before. It’s something different than masks and identical blocks and worth some time spent having our brains exercised.


Margarita continues with “in Hand Applique with Paper and Fabric the students will learn to applique paper on an art quilt. Students themselves will have to bring along all the materials for the class Instant Paper Cloth. On the other hand, for the Hand Applique with Paper and Fabric, the kit includes an already paper laminated piece to be used in class. This piece is the core of this class.” The other kit items are provided for consistency, and the convenience of having what is needed at your fingertips. It builds on what is learned in the first class but also provides ready-made items so we can jump much further ahead.


Noted quilting teacher Jenny Lyon recently took both of the classes at Craft Napa and gave a review on her blog post here. My experience of working with Margarita was also very enjoyable. Her instruction is clear, concise, step by step AND with plenty of room for individual expression. Plus, she’s easy-going and interesting, which I find essential in a good teacher!

I know that we are always being urged to take the guild classes and this post is also doing that. However, one of the most important reasons you have given for joining the guild was to have those classes! Our new virtual world still gives us that opportunity while we cannot meet in person. Take advantage, try something new, see your friends again and have some fun! Plenty of time to sign up and to keep supporting our guild’s ability to present great teachers and great classes.


Registration for both of Margarita’s workshops, plus her March 20 lecture,
is now open for Non-Members.  Click here for more information and to register.




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This post was written by Kathy Schmidt


  • Kathleen Warren says:

    Do you have to be a member to pay and view one of the courses online?

    • Mary Beth Donovan says:

      Right now, registration is for GAAQG Members Only. However, after February 1, we’ll be opening up for non-members. Stay tuned!