Kimberly Einmo is teaching at GAAQG in September!


By Raylene Kruger
August 8, 2019

Kimberly Einmo is an author, award-winning quilter, designer, international instructor and quilt judge. She has written six best-selling books and she has designed four rulers. Kim writes a monthly column featured in “American Quilter Magazine” and has been included in many quilting magazines. She has also appeared on television and radio programs. Her quilt titled, “Fire and Ice” won Best Modern Quilt in the year 2014.

Our September 21 Quilt day featured lecturer, Kimberly started quilting in 1991 and realized her love of quilting while working part-time at a quilt shop outside of Washington D. C. Times were financially challenging so she was not able to sign up for quilt classes. Because she worked at a quilt shop she could stand back and listen to instructors which enabled her to realize that students were always laughing, talking, learning and having a lot of fun. After absorbing quilting knowledge by reading everything that she could, she begged the shop owner to let her teach classes. Her skills attained as a graphic designer helped her to design her own quilts.

Kimberly ensures that her classes and workshops are always chock-full of helpful tips and tricks to improve cutting, piecing, and pressing skills, which will in turn improve students’ overall unit and block construction skills. Whenever students enter her classroom, they enter the “no stress zone.”  Her motto is “quilting is supposed to be fun. It is our color therapy and this is something we choose to do for relaxation.”

This award winning, talented quilter rarely gets into a creative slump because she has dozens and dozens of ideas in her head waiting to be created into a quilt. When she needs inspiration, getting back to nature by taking a walk or a ride in a car helps to get her mojo back. Viewing flowers, trees, mountains or the ocean is what sparks her creativity.

One of her favorite things about teaching is being able to meet so many wonderful people. Kimberly loves getting to know them personally, if only for a little while. She enjoys asking students the reasons they choose to quilt.

Attendees at the Saturday, September 21 lecture titled, “Jelly Rolls + Precuts = A Recipe for Design Success” will not be disappointed. The Friday, Sept. 20 class titled, “Lone Starburst” is currently filled, but please feel free to sign up to be put on a wait list in case someone cannot attend. There are only a few spaces left for the Sunday, Sept. 22 class titled, “Flying Geese Crossing.”  It will be a fun-filled piecing class that you do not want to miss!

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