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Our volunteer quilt blocks are so awesome! I’ve received quite a few in the mail and I’m thrilled! I’m also thrilled at how lucky we are to only have to make a block to get a chance at this quilt. Our volunteer guidelines for getting our name in the drawing normally require a bit more of a contribution for the good of the group. The board generously agreed to my proposal for this quilt and we will never have an easier opportunity to win!

Take a look at some of the blocks I have. These were placed at random and I love it this way. But when I have all the blocks, I will have to come up with some organization that lets me use ALL sizes and ALL colors.

Shall I organize by color? By size? By lining up some of the crosses?

Should I make straight rows of blocks that trim up to nice straight lines?

I’m very eager to get started and I hope that you have your block(s?) ready for the May meeting.

Remember the guidelines:

Use solid colored fabric, any color (hand dyes reading solid are fine)

Make your block any size, from 5″ to 12″ (I can use more small ones!)

Do NOT trim your block after you make it

Turn it in at the May Quilt Day (or to Kathy Schmidt at any time) and sign your name on the sheet

And just like that, you have a chance to win the volunteer quilt! Lucky, lucky, lucky you!

Here are links to some tutorials again.

And Linda Theil made a video showing how to make this block, too!

I love this little block that has two crosses in it! I will begin work on this quilt right after the May quilt day. It will not be done in a big hurry, so if you need more time to get your block to me, please just do it! The mail comes to my house every day, so I’ll get it if you have to send it that way!

See you at Quilt Day!



[Send it to Kathy Schmidt, 714 Sunset Dr. Tecumseh MI 49286]

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