Lynn Harris, May Quilt Day Speaker and Workshops

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Lynn Carson Harris lives in Chelsea, MI and has been traveling and teaching for about five years. Her expertise is in creating improvisational quilt blocks and sewing tiny blocks. In addition to teaching the specific skills for tiny piecing and intuitive piecing, during Lynn’s Tiny Piecing workshop, she will go over basic techniques for accuracy and a flatter finish. Lynn will talk about how pressing can change the look of the finished quilt.  This class is full but please contact to be added to the wait list.

Lynn has openings available in her May 19 class, Intuitive Piecing With Solids.

Lynn’s study of antique quilts taught her how to work intuitively to create improvisational blocks. Attending quilt retreats at Gwen Marston’s Beaver Island home gave her the insight and confidence to enjoy making non-pattern pieced quilts.

She does not work on one project at a time in her studio located outside of her home. Using her multiple design walls allows different sewn parts to end up together in a project that can work out to be a pleasant surprise. Lynn will start with a vision for a finished quilt and work with what the fabric and parts tell her.

Suggestions she gives for turning tiny blocks into projects other than quilts are: bags, pot holders, book covers, or pockets on garments. Lynn likes making quilts with mini blocks but setting them in a minimal way so that there are not a lot of mini blocks. This method works extremely well in modern quilts.  For more information on her piecing techniques, read Lynn’s book Every Last Piece.

Her hope is that workshop students will learn to loosen up, have fun, and experiment with their sewing, which keeps her eager to go into the studio each day. The idea that she may discover something new gives her a big thrill. Lynn believes that time sewing should be fun and trying not to use techniques that cause stress keeps the joy in quilt making.

Don’t miss Lynn’s March 18 Quilt Day lecture and trunk show.  Her stunning quilts will ignite your creativity and inspire you to use fabric in new ways to create beautiful quilts.


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