March Workshops and Quilt Day Speaker – Karen Linduska

By Brenda Rigdon
February 28, 2019

When I started quilting about seven years ago, I used a 25-year-old White with four stitches that I had purchased back in my “I’ll make my own clothes” phase. That lasted about two months. My upgrade machine, a Janome, has approximately 3 million stitches. I have used four. Our March guest, Karen Linduska, has vowed to change that.

I’ve had many questions about the type of machine and number/variability of stiches you would need to get the most out of this class. Karen offers the following suggestions:

1) Do you know how to change the width and length of the stitch?

2) Do you know how to select mirror image? Up and down? Left and right?

3) Do you know how to select a single stitch pattern?

4) Do you know how to select the pivot feature?

     Note: When you stop sewing your needle will be down and your foot will be up.

Karen says, “Any machine that has 10 or more utility and/or decorative stitches will work for both classes. Machines with not many different stitches will be limited, but can still work. I can show students what to do with what they have.

“Some of the older machines will not have the features I talk about on their machines, but they can still take the class. I will show them how to achieve the same results without the features.”

She also emphasizes that YOU MUST BRING YOUR MACHINE’S MANUAL!  You also must download the Karen Linduska Supply List and “Questions About Machine Functions” here.

Join us for Karen’s workshops and lecture this month. The lecture is on Saturday, March 16, as part of our guild Quilt Day meeting. Doors open at 8:30a and there is a $10 fee for non-members…or ask a member to sponsor you for no charge!  The workshops are Friday and Sunday, March 15 and 17, from 9:30a – 4:30p. Click here for more information and to register.  All events are in the Morris Lawrence Building on the campus of Washtenaw Community College, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Click here for more information and directions.

See you there!

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