Meena Schaldenbrand wins 1st Place in “Show Me The Money” Art Show

Congratulations to Meena Schaldenbrand for winning first place for her quilt “Wall Street Dreams” in the “Show Me The Money” Artist Exhibition sponsored by Huron Valley Council for the Arts.  The exhibit runs through November 25, 2017.

Here is Meena’s description of all the elements incorporated into her quilt.

“Wall Street Dreams.and my Love /Hate relationship with Wall Street was made when I belonged to a Women’s investing group when the market collapsed!..
Money is growing on Wall Street with actual coins.
The cash cow is being milked for $ in the bucket. Wall Street’s beat coincides with the beat of the investors and the cycles of investing in bull and bear markets in a yin yang setting.
The path is dangerous as shown by barbed wire yarns. The bear has clocks in the background for timing the market. 
One needs rose colored glasses and a crash helmet.
The chicken is afraid to jump in and even more of jumping out of the market.
The zebra is unraveling his stripes due to stress.
Money is raining on the ostrich with his head buried in the sand hourglass.
The market conditions shown in the apple include loss of hair, zits, knots in the stomach, and ulcers. Investors also need band aids for bumps and bruises … and of course, lots of prayers.
The musical scales represent roller coaster variable related to investing such as annual reports.
When the market is up, the sound of money is music to the ears.
There is some degree of chance as shown by the dice and slot machines and the HIT the Jackpot mentality. 
There are bottles of aspirin, Prozac and antacids.
The stork scissors is waiting for new stock splits.
The red hot sports car is for my husband.
The life jacket is to prevent drowning in money.
The octopus represents diversification. The mountain of money is the prizes that results in summer and winter homes, lots of jewelry, and no housework.
DNA made of money is my legacy to my daughters whose portraits are drawn with free motion embroidery.

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