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  • Donate fabric to the SafeHouse fabric table during in-person meetings. This fabric is available to guild members for use in SafeHouse donation quilts. If you see a selection of fabric you just have to have for a project for yourself, you can purchase it, with the proceeds being added to our yearly donation to SafeHouse.
  • Attend a SafeHouse Sew-In event. Several times a year we get together either in-person or online to make SafeHouse quilts. Each event has a theme. You can work individually on your own quilt, or you can work in a group. If you don’t want to bring your sewing machine, you can cut fabric or press. These events are great fun, and it’s amazing to see how many quilt tops can be made in a short amount of time when we all work together. Come when you can; leave when you must.
  • Take a pre-packaged “kit” of fabric home and add your sewing skills and a little love to create a quilt top or even a completed quilt. These kits are put together with fabric from the SafeHouse table and include an easy pattern to use.
  • Do a little work on a quilt in progress, e.g., members sometimes contribute a quilt center that needs a few borders to complete, or you might pick up a quilt top that is complete but needs to be quilted, a good way to practice your free-motion quilting skills. While it is most desirable that you complete the quilt that you take home, another option is to take a quilt top home, do some work on it, and return it for someone else to finish.
  • Donate a quilt for fundraising.
  • NOTE: SafeHouse is an Amazon Smile affiliate. By visiting via this link, all the shopping you do there will benefit SafeHouse, at no cost to you. Use this link as your Amazon bookmark.

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Sample of Products

Text example “It’s now easy to find patterns for free on the internet.  Spruce Crafts is a good resource.  Here are a few favorites provided by our members.  Click on the quilt block or name to go to the link for the pattern.”

Bento Box

You will need to make a minimum of 35 (12” square) blocks to meet the SafeHouse quilt requirements. All you need are three fabrics, light, medium and dark!

Double Four Patch

You will need to make a minimum of 80 (8” square) blocks to meet the SafeHouse quilt requirements. Pick two colors and away you go!

Easy Bow Tie

You will need to make a minimum of 35 (12” square) blocks to meet the SafeHouse quilt requirements. Pick two contrasting colors and away you go!

Easy Floral Snow Ball

With a 3″ border, you will need to make a minimum of 140 (6”square) blocks to meet the SafeHouse quilt requirements. And of course, you don’t have to use floral fabric. Use whatever focus fabric you want to!

Rethought Rails

This stash-buster quilt is quick and easy and finishes to 61″ x 80″ including 2″ borders. The 9.5″ finished squares can be set in a variety of settings. We show three here but you can probably come up with even more!

Friendship Star Variation

There are many variations of the Friendship Star Quilt Block. This one uses half-squares on the corners. Spruce Crafts has a 12" square block so you will need to make about 35 for a SafeHouse quilt.