Mid-arm, long-arm, no arm!

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One of our members raised an interesting topic the other day. She is looking at mid-arm quilting machines and wondered about others’ experiences and/or recommendations. I think there are more than a few of us who would like to have some more information on this topic. Do you have one? Do you have a long-arm? Do you quilt on your domestic machine?

I always go first to the internet and look for relevant information. Most of the information I found was 2-3 years old. I know that there are several good name brands right now that are offering mid-arm, sit down machines. If you have been to a large quilt show lately, you may have seen some–you may have even tried one out. I know that I have! And I LIKE them!

The ones I have looked at are not cheap, but they are less expensive than a full long-arm machine and don’t take up as much space. When you use them, you are still moving the quilt under the needle rather than moving the machine over the quilt. So I’m sure that any decision made would be based on what type of quilting you do. Brand name loyalty is a factor, too. What other factors would be important to you?

Do you have a mid-arm machine? What brand? Do you quilt full size quilts on it? Is it really that much easier to use than a regular sewing machine? Which is more important to you–size or price? (When comparing to a long-arm machine)

Please share your thoughts and questions with us at bloggers@gaaqg.com . I think we can all learn a lot from exploring this subject!


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