New SafeHouse Quilts Donated as of April 1

Thanks so much to all of you who have answered the call for quilts to be sent to SafeHouse!  Below are photos of those sent to me as of April 1.  I hope to receive more and will post them whenever I have assembled a new group.

We have heard several times how much our quilts mean to those seeking shelter from domestic violence, sometimes arriving with almost nothing because of their need to flee quickly.  Our quilts show them how much we care and provide so much comfort in their dire situation!  During the current COVID-19 crisis, domestic violence is expected to rise so our quilts are needed more than ever.  Since we all have more time at home right now, grab your stash and make a quilt!  We have the requirements on our Quilt for SafeHouse page and there are many patterns at the bottom of the page.  Jean Coleman submitted a new one with several versions, so check it out.  On our SafeHouse page, there are photos of several quilts that she and Wanda made from this pattern.

We need your help to increase the SafeHouse inventory as soon as possible…they are almost totally out of stock!


Emily Nietering                                                    Emily Nietering                                        Emily Nietering


Patricia Wolff                                                   Mary Bajcz                                                  Mary Bajcz










Lori Rhode                                      Cindy Prussa & Vera Boychuck                        Camie Roper









Camie Roper                                       Camie Roper



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