2020 VQS – Monet Challenge – K Johnson COPY

Members the GAAQG Small Group 'Eight-Mile Radius' were asked to interpret this famous painting in fabric, using the method and design of their choice.
Original painting by Claude Monet
Water Lilies
The colors and the brushstrokes of Monet's painting inspired the colors and textures I created.
Original design made and quilted by Patrice Smith, 33.5" x 27"
Monet Challenge
Silks, cottons for stability, pattern, and texture; flip and sew, applique, beading, and fancy sewing machine stitches are all in my quilt. The challenge pressed me to new vision and techniques.
Original design made and quilted by Isabel das Gupta, 27" x 31"
Monet Lily Pad Quilt #2
My quilt took a more literal interpretation of the painting. Noriko Endo and Anne Loveless have books using a confetti techniques. The frog, from my button box, found a home.
Original design made and quilted by Lori Rhode, 17.5" x 29.5"
Monet Confetti
Making an impression of an impressionist was difficult for this artistically challenged quilter. My stash and pieces from silk clothing were used. I finally said, "Enough, you're DONE!"
Original design made and quilted by Pat Girbach, 41.5" x 29"
Monet 2
My impression of Monet’s “Water Lilies.”
Original design made and quilted by Cathi Boosey, 40" x 30"
Yellow Water Lilies
I love Monet's paintings. The inspiration painting's water was painted in vertical strokes. I think of water as horizontal. So, I replicated the vertical water strokes with fabric.
An original design made and quilted by Patricia Weber, 35" x 22.5"
Impression of an Impressionist
My Monet Challenge interpretation.
Original design made and quilted by Carol Palk, 50" x 31"
Monet Challenge