Special Exhibits

Monet Challenge Quilts – Eight Mile Radius small group

Claude Monet’s water lily paintings are beloved by many and one of his paintings was the inspiration for these quilts created by Eight Mile Radius, a GAAQG design group.

Each member of the group received a copy of one of Monet’s water lily paintings. The object of the challenge was to create an art quilt which was inspired by, or celebrated the essence of, the artwork, without trying to copy it.  There were no limits on the techniques chosen by the maker, but pieces had to stay within a minimum to maximum size range.

This is the third challenge the group has completed. Members have a wide range of experience in quilting, share their knowledge, and appreciate how each individual resolves the challenges.

Eight Mile Radius was founded in 2017 by Isabel Das Gupta, GAAQG’s previous small group coordinator.



Quilt Rescue 9-1-1 – The Quilt Study group

    Quilted treasures from the past.  What do we do with them?   Preserve them, or make them useful in our present lives?

    As quilt makers, we often were first attracted to quilts when we admired a vintage or antique quilt in the home of a family member.  Old quilts come to us through inheritance, actively hunting for purchases at sales and markets, and as gifts from friends who know we have a passion for the workmanship of quilters from bygone times.

    GAAQG Quilt Study group members love old quilts.  New ones too! There is much to learn from old cloth.  Lucinda Herring, one of the group’s leaders, describes quilt rescue as, “Making a quilt that is new and useful from something old and shabby.”

    This exhibit features quilts that were rescued and are being put into use.  If a quilt has historical value the choice may be to preserve it.  Instead, these quilt rescues are not intended to follow the basic rules of quilt repair but are “reborn.”  Oil stained, long abandoned, incomplete, often far from perfectly constructed, these quilts aren’t in storage. They are in use.