PLEASE VOTE…..for your favorite quilt in our online show – extended to October 31!

By Lori Rhode
October 4, 2020

This month we are inundated by get-out-the-vote messages. The pundits say turnout will be good. However, voter turnout for GAAQG’s online “Celebrate the Quilts from Home” show is low.  So far, no clear favorites are appearing from the show’s viewer’s choice ballots.

In the show, as in our general election, there are candidates, quilts, of many stripes. We have quilts that can be considered traditional and conservative in their construction, as well as, quilts that boldly use piecing methods, fabrics and patterns that reflect trends of the future.

There are quilts made by lefties, left handers, like me, which are well represented amongst creative types who enjoy quilting arts. Lots of beautiful work by the right-handers too. There are a few tie-dyed entries that remind me of hippies and ideas of a liberal bent. There is a richly quilted log cabin, well representing conservative, more traditional and classic quilts.

There are quilts made of ethnic fabrics, African fabrics, Latina icons, and ornaments representing the diversity and rich heritage of our country. There are patterns inspired by ancient cultures and native peoples.

There are quilts which have personal messages in support of family members or the feelings the makers have about events in their individual lives. Even quilts which represent common experiences shared by many of us during this pandemic.

There is a quilt in the show titled “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” which reminds me of every politician in an election, although some are astonishingly more vain and selfish than others.

A usual quilt show is open to the public for a few days but this online show will remain on the web until the end of October. Choosing a favorite is more challenging since we can’t closely see the texture and workmanship of the entries.  Please vote for your favorite.

Our guild president, Susan Schwandt, said when viewing the show she had a list of 18 favorites. My list would be long too. In the end, my quilt vote went to a quilt from the show that is memorable for me.

I didn’t choose a conservative traditional quilt –the style I am most often drawn towards. A vote for a more innovative free cut pieced quilt was tempting.

My vote went to a somewhat, but not completely, traditional pattern, gorgeous in color representation of the inspiration subject representing a natural feature which is likely to be rare on the planet if carbon emissions are not reduced and climate change goes unchecked.  The color and subject/title made the quilt unforgettable.

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