QAAQG Quilt Along Week 5 – Rail Fence

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”                      Rabindranath Tagore


How are you?

Do you miss an hour of sleep today? Well, it’s spring forward, fall back time again. Here in Michigan, we definitively don’t fall for fake spring, that’s what we call it.



Even though we actually only have two seasons (winter and construction), we do have colorful wording for what nature is doing to us in the wonderful Mitten State:

  • Winter
  • Sucker’s Spring
  • Real Winter
  • Fool’s Spring
  • Third Winter
  • Actual Spring
  • Family returns from Florida
  • Summer
  • Hell’s Front Porch
  • Fool’s Fall
  • Summer Again
  • Actual Fall
  • Winter’s back

(Google Michigan weather memes when you need a chuckle [especially when you live somewhere down South.])

Why all this talking about weather? Well, besides the fact that Michiganders love to talk about the weather, there is not a lot more to say today. This week, we can have some very relaxed sewing time. It’s just some strips/rectangles sewn together, that is pure delight.

However, whether you want to talk weather, or you’re feeling a bit under the weather or just weathered the tedious center star: reach out to us! We have emotional support–umbrellas, we will “oh” and “ah” your work or just chat:

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This week’s task

Make 20 rail fence blocks.

We had a bunch of links in our previous newsletters for piecing, trimming and pressing, so please think of all those great tips and then just whip it up and use your free time to enjoy the weather.

Improv Alternative–Rickety Rail Fences

Or you just skip all that measuring, pressuring precision and do it freestyle. Here is how:

Take strips (at least 6’’ long) of random width (vary the width, anything up to 5-1/2’’ works) and sew them together until you can square up the blocks to 5-1/2.’’


Don’t worry about right angles, just add strips! Again, you’ll find that it’s not so easy to do it really wonky. Somehow, we are really trained to get it straight.

Assemble them to rows either alternating vertical and horizontal like in the original pattern or not – it’s improv! Play on your design wall or your floor.


What’s next?

Attach the unpieced border after you made the rail fence row and you are done – yay!

You need something to do? How about you read this interview with Elizabeth Hartman: Click here!

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Have a very nice week,
Nico Laudenberg, Gena Loyd and Nancy Frye

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