QAAQG Quilt Along Week 6 – Propellers

“Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm.”

                                          Earl Nightingale

Thanks to an incredibly smart quilt-alonger (it was Pat Weber!), we finally realized that the star blocks look like propellers, which makes so much sense in a quilt called Aviatrix, right?

So, with this brand new insight, let’s get to work and let our creativity and enthusiasm soar!

In keeping with our propeller Aviatrix theme this week and Women’s History Month, we’re giving you some inspirational aviation history.

Amelia Earhart set two of her many aviation records in this bright red Lockheed 5B Vega. In 1932 she flew it alone across the Atlantic Ocean, then flew it nonstop across the United States-both firsts for a woman (source: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum). 

How are you?

Did you have a chilled week? Ok, you were missing one hour, but hey, that’s all. We assume everyone found it manageable to do the rail fences, did you?

Now that you are so relaxed, we can use some pepper in our lives to fire up our enthusiasm, right?

This week’s task

Not really difficult, but it takes more pieces to make one block, but it’s only 20 blocks. And as you might have cut them already, so you are halfway there, well, halfway-ish.

But you just had a relaxed week, next week will be a piece of cake, and who said this would be sheer fun to begin with? Don’t complain, get this thing done. And keep posting and share the fun. Some peer pressure might help your friends get into the groove!?

The better job you did while cutting, the easier this task will be.

Have a look at Jane Davidson’s tips on matching points for all types of intersections here

And double-refresh your piecing knowledge with Sherri McConnell’s advice here

And please: Don’t forget to chain piece! It makes life at least               a bit easier.

Improv Alternative

Or you just skip all that measuring, pressuring precision and do it freestyle.

Shaky Stars–Make 20 wonky stars

Background or accent fabric cut:

  • 8    3-1/4’’ squares

Colorful fabric cut:

  • 1    3-1/4’’ square for the center
  • 8    triangle-ish scraps for the tips of the star

It’s a nine patch: The colorful square is the middle, four solid background squares in all corners, the four middle squares of the outer rows get the eight star tips.

Sew two triangles right on right on each of the four background squares, trim the background fabric below the star tip if you want, and sew the nine squares together as shown.



What’s next?

Attach the unpieced border after you made the your propeller or shaky star block row and you are done – again one row             in the books!

Don’t worry, the next week will offer some spare time – or time to catch up in case too much life was happening this week and kept you away from your sewing machine.

And we can’t repeat it often enough: Keep posting and chatting on social media, and never forget to use the                    hashtag #gaaqgqal.

And even if you have to look for it in trash, junk, spam, promotions…folders: You will find the next newsletter a week from now!

Now you are getting curious about all the buzz about Instagram? Need a little refresher? Yay, you’ll love it! Find our Instagram slideshow here: Instagram Tutorial

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Have a wonderful week,
Nico Laudenberg, Gena Lloyd and Nancy Frye

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