Bed Quilts

“A bed without a quilt is like a sky without stars.”

Viewers of our online show will see traditional bed quilts,
modern quilts, beloved children’s quilts, family heirlooms,
and quilts intended for purchase by collectors;
hand and machine piecing, applique, commercial and hand-dyed fabrics;
commercial patterns and original designs – they will all be there!


People often give me orphaned blocks and I like to do honor to these pieces by making something new.   The blocks were embellished with free motion yarn couching.
Made and quilted by Mary Bajcz, 80" x 80"
Hexie Flowers
Made for my cottage. The fabric is old, and the top has been around for a long time. It was given to me after my sister decided not to make the quilt.
Made and quilted by Marna Balazar, 58" x 86"
Log Cabin
Made 1/24/2020 with pattern designer & instructor Gyleen X. Fitzgerald at Road to California for my granddaughter, Olympia Grace Ann, to honor her free and exuberant spirit.
Made by Grace Boxer and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 51" x 64"
Modern Free-Wheeling Circles
Arrowhead created 1/20/2020 with pattern designer and instructor, Kate Flynn Nichols, at Road to California.  The Swirl Party quilting gives it a velvet look.
Made by Grace Boxer and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 60" x 80"
This quilt celebrates a summer garden with fern rows and backing.  Rows pattern shared at Safe House sewing event.  Wandering Roses quilt pattern.
Made by Grace Boxer & Ann Kehn, quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 60" x 80"
Wandering Roses
I make a quilt for each grandchild.  This is for grandson #5, Grant.
Made by Sarah Bush and quilted by Crystal Smyth, 80" x 96"
Animal Yoga Poses
I took a 2019 guild class with Heather Jones called "Fly Away Home." The class used large blocks.  I reduced her 9" blocks to 8" blocks suitable for this size.
Made and quilted by Jean Coleman, 60" x 80"
Pansies in the Garden
I put lots and lots of scraps together and used black to make oodles and oodles of half square triangle blocks.  There were enough to make 4 quilts!
Made and quilted by Jean Coleman, 57" x 61"
Wedding Quilt
Having chased glaciers around the world, capturing the unique color of the ice, caused by light refraction, is a challenge. On a hot summer's day this is pleasing to look at.
Made by Ida Copeland and quilted by Quality Quilting, 60" x 76"
Dreaming of Glaciers on a Hot Summer Day
This quilt was inspired by a photo and the need to use fabrics from my collection of Oakshott fabrics. I used fabric from the collection, but it is not used up by a long shot!
Made by Ida Copeland and quilted by Quality Quilting, 70" x 95"
Oakshott Meets the Pacific
This was my first of several Atkinson 'Yellow Brick Road" quilts, and they all look different! Made for a lifelong friend for her birthday in her favorite colors of pink and green.
Made and quilted by Mary Beth Donovan, 48" x 57"
Pink and Green for Dorothy
This pattern is from "Accent on Angles--Easy Strip Sets."  I should have known better than to try a pattern with the word "easy" in the title.  Quilters beware!
Made by Nancy Finlayson and quilted by Rhonda Loy, 62" x 74"
Not So Easy Angles
I loved using my red, white and blue scraps to make this quilt, using the Basix ruler for the first time.  I was so pleased with the accuracy of using the ruler.
Made by Nancy Finlayson and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsie Quilting, 63" x 85"
A Scrappy Fourth
A gift for my sister, a huge Ohio State fan, following her breast cancer diagnosis.  Sister, Mother, Love, Faith, Grandma, and more words are quilted around the outer border.
Made by Tina Fowler and quilted by Boosey, 65" x 70"
Block O
Made from my daughter's cherished childhood t-shirt collection which she was reluctant to part with.  Filled with memories and completed for her 30th birthday.
Made and quilted by Tina Fowler, 70" x 85"
Lauren's T-shirt Quilt
Quilting 18 years, this quilt is the third just for me, in my favorite colors. Mickey Dupree pattern, precision piecing, small pieces. I like to challenge myself -- this project did.
Made by June Guthrie and quilted by Kathy Koch, 100" x 100"
The Blues
For my grandnephew's high school graduation.  His favorite color is yellow. My hand-dyed yellows worked well with my black and whites collection. Easy and fun to make, "HAPPY HOUR," Atkinson Designs.
Made and quilted by June Guthrie, 66" x 84"
Yellow Mellow
Gyleen Fitzgerald taught 2011 guild classes. She brought quilts made using her polygon tool. I purchased it, but it sat unused until I challenged myself to make this.
Made and quilted by June Guthrie, 32" x 40"
Mountains and Valleys
Pattern by Cherri House, Quilters Dream Orient batting. Stitch design by Anne Bright "Circuit Path," on HandiQuilter Infinity, Superior Threads Omni 3024, medium gray. My favorite color is green.
Made and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 80" x 95"
City Quilt
This quilt features fabric reminiscent of the wonderful Japanese culture. Rows pattern shared during a guild Safe House sewing event.
Made by Anne Kehn and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 60" x 80"
Great Waves
This quilt features bright fabrics that are mindful of the natural beauty and incredible diversity of Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean around it. Made with a modified SH row pattern.
Made by Anne Kehn and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 60" x 80"
Hawaii's Oceans:  Whales, Fish and Corals
A bright quilt using sunny yellow and sea coral. Crazy 8's quilting highlights the circles in the pink fabric and the rainbow backing. Rows pattern used in guild sewing events..
Made by Anne Kehn and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 60" x 80"
Bright Coral
My granddaughter Astrid helped with many fabric choices in blocks and borders for her quilt. String piecing learned from Mary Hogan. Lynn Harris's 2019 guild class inspired the border.
Made by Erika Keith and quilted by Sandy McCoy, 60" x 80"
Astrid's Stringtime Quilt
Scraps "too good to throw out," random piecing of fabric bits which became blocks. The fabrics were reminiscent of Mexico. Some blocks had fabrics with Frida Kahlo on them.
Made by Arlene Kindell and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 64" x 84"
Several years ago, I took a guild class with Jane Sassaman and became hooked on her designs, patterns and fabrics. This project was destined for my granddaughter.
Made and quilted by Marilyn Knepp, 70" x 80"
Milicent's Garden
A farewell gift to a friend.  House numbers are those of her family and friends--no matter where they live--reminders of their former neighborhood.  Cluck Cluck Sew Pattern: “Suburbs."
Made and quilted by Marilyn Knepp, 70" x 80"
Cathy's Neighborhood
I made this quilt from old blouses and thrift shop fabrics. I love to rescue fabrics and re-purpose beloved clothes, making memory quilts, giving old things new meaning.
Made and quilted by Nico Laudenberg, 48" x 48"
Irish Blouses
I started this in Nashville 2019, when I took a foundation paper piecing class with the designer of this pattern, Violet Craft.
Made and quilted by Nico Laudenberg, 58" x 58"
In the Jungle, the Quilty Jungle, This Lion Did Not Sleep at Night
Karla Alexander pattern "Argyle," using her "Curves for Rectangles" ruler. It was fun to "shop at home" from my batiks stash during the COVID-19 spring lockdown.
Made and quilted by Carol Makielski, 63" x 78"
Scrap Tango
Pink Grapefruit pattern is by Coleen Merte of Northwater Quilts. Completed in 2019
Made by Colette Pariseau and quilted by Barbara Lusk, Granny Lady Quilts, 72" x 84"
French Blue
I belong to a 2 1/2" SQUARE club. On their birthday, each gal gets 50 squares from each member. With more than 35 members, you get lots of squares. This was an effort to use those squares.
Made and quilted by Lottie Parker, 82" x 82"
Peg O' My Heart
This is a gift for my sister Deanne. She chose the color and Jaybird Quilts pattern.
Made by Lori Rhode and quilted by S & B Quilting, 104" x 108"
Teal Boomerang
Nightingale Quilts pattern. This is a wedding gift for my niece Katherine and Dan. They are having a small ceremony at the end of the summer and reception next year.
Made by Lori Rhode and quilted by S & B Quilting, 117" x 98.5"
K & D's Bravo Indigo
Kathryn Groves taught a guild Quilt University class in July 2017. Judy Niemeyer pattern (paper-pieced stars)
Made and quilted by Elizabeth Rodriguiz, 64" x 80"
Evelyn's Quilt
Having made this design several times, each quilt is different, depending upon the contrast between fabrics. This glows with the diagonal rows of gold and blue against the dark floral.
Made and quilted by Camie Roper, 60.5" x 82"
Country Lanes
"On the Bright Side" pattern, February 2018 issue, American Patchwork and Quilting. -256, 3-inch sawtooth stars (17 pieces each). So glad to complete this challenge!
Made and quilted by Janet Rost, 94" x 94"
On the Bright Side
This quilt for my grandson, was part of a series working with gray and white. It has calligraphy, industrial motif, and an assortment of unusual fabrics. Also fabric with his name.
Made by Rita Stark and quilted by Laura Becker, 56" x 75"
Louie's Quilt
My grandson loves foxes. I combined two different fox fabrics and, Voila! A boy loves his fox quilt!
Made by Rita Stark and quilted by Laura Becker, 63" x 82"
A Boy and His Fox Quilt
"101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts," pattern. I used a bundle of blue fabrics and added extra warm tones. For the guest bedroom in my parents new home by the beach.
Made by Amy Stevenson and quilted by Pink Castle Fabrics, 60" x 82.5"
Double Wrench
I have a fascination for gradients. Five groups of orange fabrics were sorted by hue, sewn into bowtie blocks and arranged following a cartoon to emphasize the construction method.
Made and quilted by Amy Stevenson, 60" x 80"
Split Snowballs
Improvisationally pieced from my stash, friend's, and thrift store wool fabrics. The back is teal flannel. No batting. It's hand quilted with pearl cotton, bound with wool herringbone suiting.
Made and quilted by Carol Ullmann, 82.5" x 98"
Scrap Wool Quilt
Pattern by Australian designer Rita Hodge. This quilt includes both American and Australian fabrics.
Made by Patricia Wolff and quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 80" x 80"