Wall Quilts

Contemporary art quilts echo our personal joys, concerns, and life experiences.
The process of creating an art quilt takes a bit of courage
as the artists stretch themselves to experiment
with new techniques and design compositions.

GAAQG’s talented art quilters are proud to bring you innovative,
inspiring art quilts using a variety of techniques and materials:
surface design, embellishment, applique, hand-dyed and
commercial fabrics, stamping, screening, painting, and hand-stitching.

We hope you enjoy viewing these quilts as much as we enjoyed making them!

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
                                                                           Pablo Picasso

GAAQG hosted Kimberly Einmo last fall and I attended both her classes. She is a fabulous teacher.
Made by Lynn Aleman and quilted by Kathy Koch, 28.5" x 28.5"
Let's Play Together
I saw this pattern on Jordan Fabric website "Cutting Corners." They have an online video demonstration to make it.   It's fast, easy, and works well with a linear fabric.
Made by Lynn Aleman and quilted by Kathy Koch, 36" x 54"
Singing the Blues
This "Prodigal Quilt" was 'LOST" in my sister's sewing stash after I had started it in a 2010 beginner class. "FOUND" and back home in January 2020 . "NOW" completed.
Made by Nadine Assouman and quilted by By A Thread, 38" x 44"
I Once Was Lost, But Now I Am Found
A fun, happy quilt featuring IKEA fabric circles, machine couching and quilting.   Cotton with cotton batting.
Made and quilted by Mary Bajcz, 46" x 57
IKEA Circles
I'm taking an online embroidery class. This piece was the result of Merrill Comeau's workshop.   We did applique/collage on nylon net. The piece is transparent in places. No edge finishing required!
Made and quilted by Mary Bajcz, 20" x 22"
I've been trying a technique in which embroidery floss is fused to Misty Fuse. Then I cut it and fuse it to new work.   An imperfect technique, but I'm still exploring.
Made and quilted by Mary Bajcz, 15" x 18"
Emily and Adam celebrated their "First Dance" at their June, 2016 wedding.  The kaleidoscope represents the dance floor. Lyrics to Elton John's "This is my Song" surround the floor.
Made and quilted by Anne Bednar, 60" x 60"
First Dance
"Beau" is first in a three-quilt series demonstrating realistic, stylized, and abstract design on a cat theme. My small group is exploring quilt design.
Made and quilted by Anne Bednar, 10.5" x 14.5"
Learning to add dimensionality to quilts, I created this small quilt to sample using tucking as a fabric manipulation.  It was part of a small group activity
Made and quilted by Anne Bednar, 11" x 20.25"
Time and Water Flowing
Creative Seasons challenge using a disliked "Sow's Ear" of a quilt, cut up, and make a "Silk Purse" result. Made from a piece in deep storage in my studio. Inspired by a Missouri Star pattern.
Made and quilted by Lynne Bryant, 60" x 56"
Silk Purse
Constructed from mostly hand-dyed fabric.  Central panel is a monoprint created in a Pat Pauley dye class at Quilt Surface Design Symposium 2019.
Made and quilted by Nancy Butler, 33.5" x 33.5"
Sew and cut, sew and cut!  Great therapy during Covid seclusion.  Hand-dyed fabrics
Made and quilted by Nancy Butler, 33.5" x 33.5"
Lakeside Spring
Hand dyed using rubbings for pattern in main piece, silk screens in borders.  Created in a 2019 class with Pat Pauley, Quilt Surface Design Symposium, and, later in my studio.
Made and quilted by Nancy Butler, 27.5" x 36.5"
Sea Urchin Crostini
Precut "Primer" by Me and My Sister Designs
Made by Ida Copeland and quilted by Quality Quilting, 52" x 53"
Little Blocks for a Little Quilt
This is one of my first tie dyes using clamps/hardware,instead of ties and rubber bands. Dyed last year and quilted in 2020.
Made and quilted by Carolyn Devine, 28.75" x 28.75"
Tie Dye using rubber bands and string. Fabric dyed in 2019 and quilted this year.
Made and quilted by Carolyn Devine, 29.5" x 13"
Flower Wheel
Inspired by the 2018 tragic forest fires in the Northwest, this was a Creative Seasons small group challenge to incorporate paper. This quilt includes paper, suede, silk and my hand-dyed cotton fabric.
Made and quilted by Mary Beth Donovan, 14" x 23"
Earth, Water and Fire
Visiting Notre Dame in 2017, I was struck by both its drama and serenity.  For centuries, it has been a place of refuge and peace amid our chaos.
Made and quilted by Debbie, Grifka, 57" x 78"
Notre Dame
This piece explores a paradox of this pandemic, for dedicated introverts, such as myself, this event has emphasized feelings of belonging and connection.  Photo by Patrick Young.
Made and quilted by Debbie Grifka, 40" x 60"
Lines #6 - Connected
My Grifology series has been a play on language and graphology, the study of handwriting and symbols, and my own last name.  Blocks made over 15 days, inspired by "L", using improv applique.
Made and quilted by Debbie Grifka, 34" x 51"
Started in a fusible appliqué class with Frieda Anderson in January 2016. Finally finished July 2020!
Made and quilted by Sonja Hagen, 37" x 23"
Glennie Trees
My photograph of a sunrise was the basis for this quilt inspired by a small group challenge. Commercial fabrics, my own hand-dyed fabric, and paper --used to create the transparency of clouds.
Made and quilted by Sonja Hagen, 43.5" x 34"
Sunrise Over Orient Beach
The pattern was from Heather Jones' class on big blocks.  The scrappy crazy quilt blocks are from 40's-50's fabrics.
Made and quilted by Lucinda Herring, 72" x 72"
Moorestown Modern #1
Modern Quilt Magazine 2016 pattern. At my church, I carefully cut thousands of masks and had 'scraps."  Raffle quilt, fall 2020, proceeds for our mission team, Shalom Lutheran Church, Pinckney.
Made and quilted by Lucinda Herring, 54" x 64.5"
Mask Scraps #1
I cut about 3400 masks during the stay-at-home order, creating many scraps. This uses a pattern by Mary Hogan.  It has been gifted to a mask making organizer at my church.
Made and quilted by Lucinda Herring, 22" x 22"
Mask Scraps #2
I took on this project as a challenge. I loved the movement in it. Using colors from the southwest, where we lived at the time. It became a bright bit of sunshine in our house.
Made and quilted by Marion Holt, 29.5" x 46"
Bargello Fantasy
Found this pattern in a magazine and was intrigued by its movement. Loving bright colors, I chose to give it an eye-catching array of fabrics.
Made and quilted by Marion Holt, 37" x 15"
Wave Action
Using my husband's photo of a barn's interior timber with mortise as inspiration, this original design was created in a Heather Jones 2019 class.
Made and quilted by Kathy Johnson, 48" x 48"
Vermont Barn Timber
This trio was a group challenge: choose a subject and depict it in 3 styles, realistic, stylized and abstract. My subject, a chair photographed on the island of St. Lucia.
Made and quilted by Erika Keith, 25.5" x 16.5"
Ancestor Chair Triptych
Small group challenge: unusual material.  I used  plastic screening, tea bags, embossed paper, sheer pleated fabric, upholstery samples, and multi-fiber yarn.
Made and quilted by Michele Kennedy, 20" x 17"
A Walk in the Woods
I love Ruth McDowell's work. I took a master class at the Quilters Hall of Fame, when she was "quilter of the year."  This original design was inspired by her quilts and technique.
Made and quilted by Michele Kennedy, 28" x 39"
For the new baby on our condo cul-de-sac.  Buildings represent our units.  Square blocks in the middle have messages.  Embellished with decorative stitches inspired by "Two Flowers" class.
Made and quilted by Michele Kennedy, 47" x 47"
Newest Neighbor Quilt
My version of a Laura Heine pattern entered with her permission. It was made for a friend' s retirement and 65th birthday. It was so much fun adding the little details.
Made and quilted by Barbara Kilbourn, 30" x 30"
Pincushion Collage
My third quilt with a bird theme. Several elements were cut from a Marcia Durst fabric "Treasure Hunt."
Made and quilted by Barbara Kilbourn, 34" x 34"
Feathered Friend
For a friends' mother, a retired librarian, gifted during the ALA's 2019 banned books week. Books on the quilt are frequently banned. fREADom from Patrice's license plate. Chair pattern by Alethea Ballard, Dream Chair Quilts.
Made and quilted by Marilyn Knepp, 12" x 12"
Year-long collaborative project by two great friends taking inspiration from books by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston.  Colors, parts and layout were all ironed out with close agreement and total enjoyment.
Made by Marilyn Knepp & Glenna Schweitzer; quilted by Laura Jarvis, Kootsi Quilting, 69" x 69"
Marilyn & Glenna Do Gwen (Marston) and Freddy (Moran)
I made two, one for each daughter, to hang near their front doors beginning with the 2020 holiday season.
Pattern purchased at the Ann Arbor Sewing Center.
Made and quilted by Jan Kosko, 26" x 74"
Pine Trees for Two
This pattern is from a Frieda Anderson guild class.  I have made several like it for friends who have admired mine. This is a gift for my sister Judy,  who has a perfect spot for it Up North.
Made and quilted by Jan Kosko, 35" x 15.5"
The Forest
Intrigued by the unusually named total lunar eclipse "Blood Wolf Moon," January 2019. I had the perfect piece of stash fabric as the starting point. My husband, Chip, was my co-designer.
Made and quilted by Carol Makielski, 30" x 35"
Eclipse 2019
I love polka dots and I have a lot of fabrics featuring them.  I started with the windmill center,
then kept adding borders for fun!
Made and quilted by Katie McGrath, 39" x 44"
Going Dotty
I saw a wonky diamond quilt online. It looked like a good challenge.  The fabrics are from my collection.  Such fun to grab a bunch of colors and wing it.
Made and quilted by Katie McGrath, 61: x 61"
Rough Diamonds
This quilt features triangles.  I like using stripes and I have a large collection of striped fabric.
The color pink adds zing to the design.
Made and quilted by Katie McGrath, 44" x 44"
A Jacqueline de Jonge design, this crazy thing was an excuse to spend a week at the Madeleine Island School of the Arts, Bayfield, WI. Far from perfect, Yessant quilted out my major mistakes.
Made by Roberta Myyra and quilted by Yessant Habetz, 60" x 60"
Enchanting Stars
This quilt was made as a result of a documentary on National Geographic and an old movie
with Clark Gable and Elizabeth Taylor.
Made and quilted by Wanda Nash, 30" x 40"
African Elephant
I took a GAAQG class from Linda J. Hahn in May of 2018 and finished this in 2019.
Made by Emily Nietering and quilted by Michalle Ross, 33" x 33"
New York Beauty
This pattern is a modified version of "All Wrapped Up" by Kate Spain for the Flurry line of fabrics by Moda.
Made by Emily Nietering and quilted by Michalle Ross, 36" x 41"
Christmas Presents
Quilt is a smaller version of Victoria Findlay Wolfe's 'Vintage Windows.'  Made during the current pandemic.
Made by Colette Pariseau; quilted by Amy Lobsinger, Big City Quilts, 47" x 57"
Spring Lockdown
Repurposed, recycled materials, window screening, silk batting, newspaper, yarn, nylon knit fabric, and cotton embroidery floss are in this quilt.  Couching stitches hold the 3 layers together. I love color and textures!
Made and quilted by Jane Reiter, 30" x 62"
Astray and Awry
Made for a challenge of the Creative Seasons group. According to the Japanese "Wabi Sabi" aesthethic, damaged and imperfect items acquire beauty over time.
Made and quilted by Gertraud Reynolds, 18" x 24"
From Grandmother's Attic
Wabi Sabi is a term of Japanese aesthetics.
Made and quilted by Gertraud Reynolds, 18" x 24"
Wabi Sabi
Made in celebration of the 13th anniversary of our "Creative Seasons" group. The ribbon symbolizes ties of friendship, the birds --the group members, who, like birds of a feather, flock together.
Made and quilted by Gertraud Reynolds, 18" x 24"
Creative Seasons
A Frieda Anderson 2016 guild class. Rather than pine trees from the pattern, I substituted a pink aspen grove. Branches stitched with 12 wt Aurifil thread.
Made and quilted by Lori Rhode, 26" x 16"
Pink Aspens
Top made in Debbie Grifka's 2019 bias applique QU class. Improvisational oak wood grain quilting, rather than straight lines, worked well. Oak trees are favorite symbols of mine.
Made and quilted by Lori Rhode, 19.5" x 27"
Oak Leaf
This pattern, designed by Phoebe Edwards, first appeared on Mountain Mist batting wrappers in 1930. My pattern source was, "Mountain Mist Quilt Favorites" which had a 12-block example by Kathy Patrick. Edwards created morre than 50 patterns for MM from 1929-37.
Made and quilted by Camie Roper, 20.5" x 20.5"
Windblown Tulips
I modified the block to make the design I wanted, then used only authentic cat colors in the blocks.
Made by Camie Roper and quilted by Thread Bear Quilting, 47.5" x 60"
Cats and Bubbles
Started in a Maria Shell class, Houston Quilt Show, 2018. The pandemic supplied time for hand stitching and machine quilting. Look for the "coronaviruses,",each slashed with embroidered X's.
Made and quilted by Janet Rost, 22" x 26"
Pandemic Posies
All People Quilt/Quilts and More sponsored 2019 online quilt-along. Linda and Carl Sullivan, Quiltworks pattern. Stash fabrics were used in this many points matching, quite challenging quilt.
Made and quilted by Janet Rost, 59" x 59"
Color Outside the Lines
Completed in 2018 for a AAMQG color challenge, Beth Billup's encaustic work was the inspiration for this quilt.
Made and quilted by Brenda Rowley Gray, 9" x 9.5"
Swimsuit on the Beach
Vocabulary: Social Distancing, Flattening Curve, Herd Immunity. Made face masks. Grateful: First Responders. Quarantine: lost some freedoms. Hoarded toilet paper, hand sanitizers, washed hands. How long will it last?
Made and quilted by Meena Schaldenbrand, 24" x 30"
COVID-19 Frenzy
Dream catchers trap bad, and let good dreams pass. Cancer clouds unleash an emotional roller coaster.
Made and quilted by Meena Schaldenbrand, 44" x 64"
Coping With Cancer Clouds
Keeping a journal helped me cope with my emotions, and record quarantine thoughts. So many questions and exclamation points during this surreal time.
Made and quilted by Meena Schaldenbrand, 18" x 22"
Journaling Corona Virus from A to Z
Twelve panels combine photos taken at our cottage and printed on fabric; scraps evoking the seasons. No piecing. Top fabrics are arranged to overlap. Close straight quilting secures the surface and other layers together.
Made and quilted by Judith Schmidt, 54" x 39"
Focus on the Seasons:  Pleasant Lake
Nine panels feature photos taken over many years, mostly at Gallup Park on the Huron River. Overlapping scraps enhance the sense of flow - that of the river and seasons.  The lines of stitching secure all and add another layer of flowing texture. 2019
Made and quilted by Judith Schmidt, 42" x 39"
Focus on the Huron River
This group of hand-dyed fabrics spoke to me of light entering the sea and the coral growing below the surface.Texture is added with embroidery, ribbons, cheesecloth, and yarns.
Made and quilted by Kathy Schmidt, 33" x 37"
Near the Coral Sea
Tiny strings of black and white fabrics compose the petals and leaves of this imaginary flower. Organdy was fused, stitched and quilted to the background. It has an organdy raw edge.
Made and quilted by Kathy Schmidt, 36" x 42"
Fantasy String Flower
It was easy to create a cohesive project using fabrics created during Susan Purney Mark's QU class. The limited palette of color set a parameter used for making this piece.
Made and quilted by Kathy Schmidt, 33" x 33"
Line of Logic
Block piecing began at a GAAQG class, "New York Beauty Simplified," with Linda J. Hahn. Hahn's pattern: "Fire Island Fiesta" in "New York Beauty Diversified." The yellow binding adds a splash of color, using a method learned in Susan Cleveland's 2017 QU class.
Made by Susan Schwandt and quilted by Kathy Koch,58.5" x 58.5"
Bursting With Happiness
A fun-to-make quilt honoring our precious planet."Scrappy Applique," Shannon Brinkley, 2019 QU class. Pattern in Brinkley's "Scrappy Applique Bits." Domestic machine quilted, invisible rayon thread and metallic threads.
Made and quilted by Susan Schwandt, 41" x 27.5"
Our Precious World
I wish "Captain Melvin's" spaceship would fly over America, beaming healing rays of love, kindness, empathy and unity to heal the divisiveness in our country. Made for QGMD-AQS Grand Rapids,
Ultimate Guild Challenge, with the theme "Out of the Blue."
Made and quilted by Susan Schwandt, 40" x 40"
A Child's Wish for America
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Detroit riots of summer 1967. The quilt was started in a 2017 GAAQG class and finished in 2020.
Made and quilted by Glenna Schweitzer, 37" x 22"
We Didn't Start the Fires (Detroit Riots, Summer 1967)
This quilt was created during a two-week Nancy Crow workshop "Strip Piecing and Restructuring" and reflects the serenity of slow water and calm colors.
Made and quilted by Glenna Schweitzer, 39" x 53"
Composition #2
I started this quilt in Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Double Wedding Ring class held during the 2019 Quilt University.
Made and quilted by Laura Sheets, 43" x 43"
Spring Wedding
Gyleen Fitzgerald taught this method of making the pineapple quilt and I fell in love!
Made and quilted by Patrice Smith, 28.5" x 28.5"
Dreaming of Pineapples
Playtime was pieced at a retreat that was devoted to playing!
Made and quilted by Patrice Smith, 36" x 41"
This was started in a class with Rosalie Dace. It is about water treatment...can you see it?
Made and quilted by Patrice Smith, 12" x 28"
Class #5
First of my three-piece series. These were developed by adding fabric appliques and/or additional color to black and white painted fabric created in a 2019 guild QU class with Susan Purney Mark.
Made and quilted by Mary Vinovskis, 28.5" x 26"
Motion-Emotion I
My favorite in the series, using portions of two yards of white fabric which was randomly painted with strokes and blotches. Some portions of the fabric were further developed.
Made and quilted by Mary Vinovskis, 16.5" x 32"
Motion-Emotion II
Developed from the fabric painted in our guild class with Susan Purney Mark.
Made and quilted by Mary Vinovskis, 20" x 32.5"
Motion-Emotion III
A gift for a friend's daughter, this quilt uses a pattern developed from a drawing, by my niece Diane Kowalski. I also used the pattern for the center of a wedding gift bed quilt. Gifts for my favorite turtle lovers! Fused applique, commercial fabrics; domestic machine quilted.
Made and quilted by Marie Ware, 36" x 24"
Under the Surface
Sauder Village Challenge 2019 - Honorable Mention. Pieced with prescribed, other commercial fabrics, and my photo of Village's rotary press printed on fabric; Trade jargon was hand lettered in various fonts on the challenge fabrics.
Longarm machine quilted.
Made and quilted by Rick Ware, 36" x 24"
Long Live Letterpress
"Michigan Beauty Pond" displays New York Beauty blocks using techniques from a guild class with Linda J. Hahn. See lily pads, log, shore, and clouds. Cat tails were appliqued over background.
Made by Patricia Weber and quilted by Sandra Oak, 70" x 70"
Michigan Beauty Pond
This was the outcome of a GAAQG QU class with Victoria Findlay Wolfe. She provided great guidance
on composition and color.
Made by Patricia Weber and quilted by Sandra Oak, 44" x 44"
Double Wedding Ring #1
This mini quilt was inspired my collection of Maasai necklaces and a challenge to teach the technique in a retreat.
Made and quilted by Kaye Whittington, 18" x 18"
Maasai of Africa
This inspired me to use hand-dyes and a multi-color border fabric from my stash. The border colors made me think of the flowers, wind, and sky that God created.
Made by Kaye Whittington and quilted by Accents in Quilting, 30" x 30"
The Joy of Flowers
Great Lakes African American Quilt Guild challenge. The symbols of Ghana, the omnipotence of God, Love, Unity, Hardship, Strength, Wisdom, Loyalty, Excellence, and animals. Representing the history, belief,
and philosophy of the Asante people.
Made by Kaye Whittington and quilted by Jean Coleman, 31" x 35"
Tribal Chiefs