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Dana E. Jones is an artist, quiltmaker, journalist and photojournalist. She is a former editor of Quilters’ Newsletter magazine and The Studio Art Quilts Journal. Dana has had articles and quilt or block designs published in numerous quilting magazines. She teaches regularly at Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and quilt shops around Colorado, and has spoken and taught at quilt shops and guilds in many states. Her quilts have also been exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and as part of the 2018 American Quilt Study Group traveling exhibition. She has also authored a book  “Pagtinabangay: The Quilts and Quiltmakers of Caohagan Island” that shares the story of quiltmaking on a 13-acre island in the central Philippines.

Dana creates patterns that she uses in teaching her classes, but does not sell them separately. The “Peace Cranes over Hiroshima” class is an example of this.

Dana promises to teach us lots of little tricks for foundation piecing in both of our GAAQG classes, to make it easier and more fun. She believes that foundation paper piecing teaches a way of thinking about design.


She loves to teach quilting classes!  Dana comes from a family of teachers and has finally found her way into teaching after a career in journalism. She finds that she always learns from her students and derives energy from teaching.

Her quilts don’t fit into a specific genre of quilting because she likes them all!  Many of her quilts, especially the early ones, have a very graphic feel, and reflect her fine art and graphic design training. Her current favorite type of quilting is foundation paper piecing because you can get such dramatic results with the intense angles and sharp points this technique makes possible. She also likes to use very narrow (¼ inch) pieced strips in her work to add detail.

Dana lives at 9,200 feet in the Rocky Mountains northwest of Denver, Colorado, with only 5,000 residents in the whole county.

On Saturday, May 21, Dana will be presenting a lecture via Zoom on “The International Honor Quilt: Women Remembering Women” 

When Judy Chicago’s iconic feminist art installation, “The Dinner Party,” was first exhibited in San Francisco in 1979, women who came to see it were deeply moved. They didn’t want to just view it; they wanted to contribute to it. This posed a dilemma for Judy. She understood “The Dinner Party” as a finished piece. She also understood the women’s desire to recover stories of more women, women who had made a difference in their lives.

The International Honor Quilt was envisioned as a way for viewers of the “The Dinner Party” to respond to the powerful and personal impact it had on them. A call for 2-foot x 2-foot x 2-foot triangular quilts, each celebrating an individual woman, a group of women or a women’s issue, went out. As “The Dinner Party” was exhibited across the United States and beyond during the 1980s, triangles were added until there were more than 500.

This slide show and lecture shares stories of some of the triangles, the makers and the women honored with an emphasis on triangles made by women who would later become known quilters and those made to honor quilters. You’ll also see triangles quilted by 11 children of one woman and some of the most unique of the triangles. The stories range from fun to inspiring to heart breaking. The quilts range from exquisitely made to first efforts. In the end, this is the story of women responding to a moment in history through an international community art project.


Original sunflower photo

“Demystifying Design for Foundation Paper Piecing” is Dana’s Friday, May 20 workshop. The format is a flowing lecture/exercise throughout the full six hours. You will not be sewing in class, but learning how to create foundations for everything from traditional blocks to pictorial quilts.








In the second half of the class, you’ll design a small pictorial quilt working from a photo or drawing of your choice, or you can use one of the pictures supplied by Dana. She recommends no people or beloved pets, although other animals are ok. Birds work well, or silhouettes of other animals. You will need to have your photo printed so that it fills an 8.5” x 11” paper.

Since we will be meeting remotely, you can email your photo or drawing to Dana at least a week prior to the class (or as soon as you have registered) and she will answer questions and make suggestions by email or by phone. She also will be available after the class for follow-up questions and advice. No prior experience with paper piecing is needed for this class!

A kit is required for this class. The kit includes handouts and some specialized supplies that are not easily available otherwise. The kit will be $15 and can be purchased from the store. Please remember to sign in as a member in order to purchase the kit. The price is $15 and includes the following: vellum grid paper, template plastic, vellum tracing paper, a marker that writes well on template plastic and is only available from a UK supplier, an eraser, a mechanical pencil, a miracle sponge for erasing marker from template plastic, and a 1″ x 12″ gridded plastic ruler.

On Sunday, May 22, Dana will continue with paper piecing in her “Peace Cranes Over Hiroshoma” workshop. Experience with foundation piecing (machine paper piecing) is needed for success making this beautiful quilt.

A kit is also required for this class at a cost of $15. The kit includes the pattern with detailed instructions and illustrations, a color-coded cutting chart, a swatch key card, color-coded labels for all cut pieces, foundations to copy for the full quilt in two sizes, foundations for the sections to be made in class printed on foundation paper, a piecing guide, directions on how to make templates for foundation piecing, and several handouts.

There is also an optional fabric kit available for this class, at a cost of $55.  Contact Dana through her website for details.

Kits for both classes can be purchased through the GAAQG website, at a cost of $15 each. The deadline to purchase the kits is April 28, to allow time for shipping. They will all be shipped to one address, and can be picked up at Arlene Kindel’s house around May 9. An email will be sent to participants when they are available. If you are unable to pick up your kit (or arrange with a friend to do it), it can be mailed to you.

“Dana E. Jones”

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