Shannon Brinkley – 2019 Quilting University Teacher

By Nico Laudenberg

When I scroll through my Instagram account, I wonder whether Shannon Brinkley is even better known in Europe than in the US. I see so many of my digital or real friends from abroad posting beautiful things they made following Shannon’s eye-catching method. She was one of the very first artists that I “knew” when I started my quilting journey more than four years ago.

To me, it seemed that she is quite a star there, whereas not so super well known here. But looking at her pretty full teaching calendar proves me wrong.

However: Go browse her website or Instagram @shannonebrinkley. You also might want to check the hashtags #scrappyapplique or #shannonbrinkley to fall in love! (Go find that skyline-skirt, will you? It is a-ma-zzzzing!)  Shannon is teaching her Scrappy Applique class on Saturday and Sunday, July 27& 28

Did you look it up? Oh, you signed up for her workshop immediately? I get that! Now you understand why I was so thrilled that we were able to book her for Quilt University this summer, right? She teaches a rather easy yet super charming and distinctive raw edge appliqué method. Her book “Scrappy Bits Appliqué” was published in 2014 (Stash Books) and is still an knowledgable source of inspiration.

So, this technique is fun in many ways:

  • You take a dip in a very modern approach – if you’re not leaning towards modern anyways.
  • You get to play with fabric – a lot. It’s like painting with fabric bits and pieces.
  • You don’t need to be tremendously patient to reward yourself with a stunning, unique piece of art.
  • Plus, as Shannon stresses in her book’s preface, this “technique can be made as simple or as complicated as you like”. That sounds not so impressive, but it’s important: Whether you are a veteran quilt maker and know pretty much everything about your passion, or you are an artist looking for a new medium to express yourself, or you are a rookie with no sewing experience at all – everyone will be thrilled, challenged and delighted with Shannon’s method.

But it’s not only her appliqué technique that makes her a sought-after teacher. Shannon’s feeling for colors (yes, and her knowledge about the theory, too, of course) might provide a fresh look on how to play, choose and combine colors. Just check her on social media, as I told you, you’ll be sold on what you see, pinky promise!  Shannon is teaching her Color Confidence class on Friday, July 26

Now, some words about Shannon Brinkley.

She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and son, and left a career as an elementary teacher to become an international teacher/speaker, quilt and fabric designer for Andover, and author (which is all really good for us).

Her bio says, that she hopped from hobby to hobby (weaving, embroidery, knitting, garment sewing, among others) before finally falling in love with quilting – big time. Boy, how can I relate to that!

Shannon has published over 100 different quilt patterns, both print and digital; taught students in over 12 different countries through her online courses; appeared on several PBS episodes of Creative Living and Fresh Quilting ; and has traveled all over the U.S. and Canada speaking and teaching her unique techniques. Shannon’s first love is teaching, and she is constantly encouraging her students to be playful, creative, and to “not over-think it!”

In addition to quilting, teaching, and writing, Shannon loves to knit, travel, practice yoga, cook, and garden.

And we are excited to find out more when we meet her in person in Ann Arbor at Quilt University, July 26th-28th.

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