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Donated sewing themed block made into quilt

Every quilt has a story. A story of how and why it was made. Some are made because a pattern design or beautiful cloth inspired the maker.  Others are made of necessity, to provide warmth and comfort. Some quilts go together quickly and others follow a more winding route from beginning to end.

One of the quilts in the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild’s on-line quilt show, which opens August 1, took a winding route. The show features 5 galleries of quilts which range from modern to traditional in design. Quilts that are bright eye candy for walls, quilts to cover beds in new households, and quilts that help support Safe House Center of Ann Arbor.

The winding construction route for this quilt began with a woman who made 7 red work machine embroidered blocks.  Life got busy, those embroidered blocks didn’t make it into her quilt. In a clean-up and clear-out flurry, those blocks were donated to the guild’s Safe House table.

Donated fabric and abandoned quilt projects are picked up by guild members from the Safe House table and become quilts which benefit Safe House and its clients.  Six of the blocks left on the table had sewing themes and became a Safe House quilt using the court house steps pattern. The odd block featured a tea pot, cup and plate of muffins.

Donated teapot block to be used as center of a round robinDonated teapot block used as center pointQuilters enjoy a challenge.  Eight Mile Radius, a small design group of the guild, chose a round robin challenge for the group. Members in a round robin bring a center block and each person, over the course of a month, adds a border or embellishment to the block until everyone has taken a turn. The teapot block doubled in size, with three new borders and two applique embellishments.

Quilts at Safe House are twin size or larger. The tea pot round robin was a good center focal point, but to become bed size it needed more borders. A checker board, a stash find of matching cupcake fabric, and 3 rows of tea cups and a few more strips of red and the top was twin size and done. A stash raid, handful of new fat quarters and some long seams finished the pieced quilt back. Quilting added detail to the borders and cups.

Donated teapot block used as center of a round robin

The tea pot quilt and several other quilts will be in the Safe House Quilts For Sale gallery of GAAQG’s online quilt show. In ordinary years, the guild raises money for Safe House via quilt raffle ticket sales.

However, this is an extraordinary year. The guild will be selling some donated quilts to raise funds for Safe House. Safe House has an ample supply of donated quilts in their quilt cupboard, but funds are needed. Please make a donation or purchase one of the Safe House Quilts For Sale via the Safe House donation link of the on-line quilt show.

Every quilt has a story. Every quilt has its own beauty. Every quilt can supply pleasure in its making and comfort to its owner.



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