The Guild library is great for your budget and stretching your skills!

By Pam Setla, GAAQG Preservationist

Artful Improv by Cindy Grisdela available to members from GAAQG Library

Artful Improv by Cindy Grisdela available to members from GAAQG Library

If you asked quilters how many quilting books they own, chances are they will say at least 100!  With new publications coming out regularly, though, it is hard to keep up with the latest experts and techniques.

The Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild has an answer to the questions facing all quilters: Do I have the book? What should I buy? and Can I afford it?

The Guild library offers a wide variety quilt books published within the last 10 years and some older books covering still-popular techniques. The librarians also manage a separate collection of books available for members interested in quilt study. The library is just one of the many member benefits available.

Lori Rhode has volunteered as a guild librarian for eight years.

“We have an experienced crew of six volunteers,” Rhode said. “Five librarians manage sections of 75 to 100 books. The sixth librarian maintains the circulation records. Our list of books is available for browsing at any time on the website through the LibraryThings app.”

When looking for new ideas, inspiration, or a way to expand your sewing skills, GAAQG members can browse through the entire library on the website.  The LibraryThings book list can be accessed when you are logged in as a member.  Click on the library tab (under Resources), scroll down the library page to the spot on the right below the blue blog “Subscribe Today” button and click on “Books from my LibraryThing.”

Once a member decides on what books to borrow, just email the title and author to the librarians at and a librarian will contact you to make the book pickup arrangements.

Each librarian normally brings 20 or more books per meeting for members to consider, said Rhode. “However, until social distancing limits are eased, we will not be displaying books for browsing,” Rhode said. “E-mailed book requests will be fulfilled at our WCC meetings, or the librarian will contact you to make pickup arrangements.”

“Our librarians have put great effort into keeping the library up-to-date and getting new titles into it by using the proceeds of our book sales to purchase current books.”

Every style of quilting is represented in the library, she said. Titles range from quilting for beginners to more specialized areas such as dyeing fabric; art techniques and machine quilting.  Books on more traditional techniques, such as paper piecing, bargello and applique, are still in the collection, too.

Walk by Jacquie Gering available to members from GAAQG Library

Walk by Jacquie Gering available to members from GAAQG Library

If you are interested in the history of quilting, applique or other historic techniques, a separate library is available. Books range from art quilts and Great Lakes quilts to silk quilts and the historic Baltimore Albums. For those members studying to become a certified appraiser through AQS, the recommended books also are available. Contact GAAQG member Pam Setla at for more information or to reserve a book.

Quilt book donations are only accepted from members.  If the donations made are recently published titles, the books are added to the collection. Older books go into member book sales.

The librarians are considering other ways they can help the guild by gathering information about guest teachers or helping with new virtual forms of content to share with members.  The librarians are always looking for new volunteers, Rhode said.





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