Victoria Findlay Wolfe Teaching at Quilt University 2019!

By Nico Laudenberg
June 10, 2019

Just cool.

When I really, really wanted to take a workshop with Victoria Findlay Wolfe two years ago, I didn’t want the gamble of trying to get into classes at the big quilt events. So I came up with a different strategy: I went to the calendar on her website and checked out when she would teach closest to me. That’s how I ended up driving to Cedarburg, Wisconsin, where she gave a two-day weekend workshop. Even more fun, I talked my friend Margaret from Madison into this, so we met there and had a blast.

(Side note: You might want to check out Cedarburg and especially the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Art. If you have a chance: go see it, it’s an amazing little town (with the cutest shops) and a wonderful museum, that shows the love and enthusiasm of their founders and supporters in every detail. They have thoughtfully curated exhibits and a spotless set-up for workshops, including their efforts to make you feel great while there.)

So, why did I want to take a class with Victoria Findlay Wolfe? Now, I sure love her mind-blowing work. Plus, she’s my go-to quilter when I need to brag. Wait – what?

Have you ever talked to one of those hard-core carpers who think that quilters are sweet, but boring little grannies, who sit in a sticky church basement, playing with a sweet but senseless, old-fashioned craft, producing ugly quilts? Well, these guys (yes, mostly), are out there, let’s face it. I know they are incredibly wrong, ’cause all (grandma-aged) quilters I have met in the last few years, might be sweet, but I’d rather say they’re frickin’ cool! (You are welcome.)

To make that very clear to said killjoys, I need proof. So I’ll show them pictures of Victoria and her quilts. Eyes wide open, jaws dropped – mission accomplished.

Victoria has a background in arts. She graduated from the College of Visuals Arts in St. Paul and she calls herself “a painter at heart who has sculpted and still does photography.”  But it’s the quilting that she became really famous for. I’m sure her grandmother Elda Wolfe would love that. It was her grandmother who sparked that love for the holistic miracle you might want to call “quilt.”  It’s more than fabric, pattern and color. It’s art, it’s memories, comfort and love. Grandmother Elda was a quilter, and a short look at her quilts says it all: bold, brave and colorful quilts using double-knits scraps. Pure joy. And like grandma, like grandkid!

Victoria’s quilts are also bold, brave and colorful, maybe more. I wouldn’t even use the category ‘modern’ for her quilts. That sounds too boring. She found her signature way of combining traditional blocks with screaming colors, fearless improv piecing with precise use of tools, topped with an epic courage of throwing everything together in a manner, that leaves no doubt that the resulting quilt had to be this very way and nothing else. It is thrilling to watch her work evolve, change, seek challenges, question any established rules and keep adding new aspects to the fine art of quilting.

But after all this: Victoria is not only a quilt rock star. Not only a great artist. Not only a fun person to hang with.

She’s also a knowledgeable teacher, who made me accomplish this:

Were you fast enough to save your spot in one of her QU-classes? Congratulations, you’ll have a great time. You missed it? Sorry. Maybe next time!

NOTE:  As of this date, both of Victoria’s Quilt University classes, ‘Thunderstruck Star Improv Class’ and ‘Floating Four Double Wedding Ring’ are filled.  If you would like to get on the waiting list, please contact the QU Registrar at:    However, there are openings in all other classes and registration is open to both GAAQG members and non-members.  (Members need to log in and go to the registration link on the teal menu bar at the top of the Members Resource page.)

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This post was written by Mary Beth Donovan

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