Workshop Registration Procedures

Who Can Register and When Can They Register:

GAAQG workshops are open to both guild members and non-members.  Workshops for the entire year generally are announced at the September Quilt Day meeting of the prior year, and registration is opened in early November.

Non-members are welcomed at our meetings and in our workshops.  A reduced rate for workshops is one of the benefits of membership so the workshop fee charged to non-members is higher but does include admission to our Quilt Day program on the weekend of the workshop.  Registration procedures are similar for members and non-members, and differences are explicitly noted.

How To Register:

You can register for a workshop in person at a Quilt Day, online through the GAAQG website, or by US Mail sent to the address listed on the registration form.  The online cost includes an additional fee that covers credit card processing charges.  Online payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit cards.  In-person and mailed registrations should include payment by check, along with the completed registration form and a SASE if you need the supply list mailed to you.

If you have a GAAQG gift certificate, you should register in person or by mail delivering the gift certificate with the registration form.

Wait-list Procedures When a Workshop is Full:

A wait-list is created when a workshop is fully enrolled.  The online registration form will not be available for a workshop that is fully enrolled.  You can request to be added to the wait-list by contacting  Or, for Quilt University classes, contact

If a seat opens up, guild members on the wait-list—in the order in which they requested to be added—are given priority over non-members to fill vacancies. 

When filling a vacancy from the wait-list, the program chair will communicate by e-mail or by telephone if no e-mail address has been provided.  The individual contacted will be given a specified window of time in which to claim the seat.  Generally, this window will be 24 hours if the workshop is more than a week away but will be shorter when the workshop is within a week.


Our ability to offer the array of high-quality workshops taught by nationally and internationally renowned quilters depends on the revenue generated by full classes.  We make a commitment to you by offering our workshops and you make a commitment to us when you register for one.  If you must cancel your registration, please let us know immediately so that we can attempt to fill your spot. 

Please contact the program chair at to cancel a guild workshop.  For Quilt University classes, contact the QU Registrar at  Members who cancel will receive a refund of workshop fees paid.  Non-members’ workshop payments will be refunded if the workshop is fully enrolled and we are able to fill the seat from the wait-list.

Very rarely, the workshop will need to be cancelled by the teacher or the Guild.  In such cases, all registrants will be offered the choice of transferring their registration to another workshop or receiving a refund of fees paid.

Location, Supply List, Kit Fees

GAAQG workshops are held on the campus of Washtenaw Community College.  

Supply lists are posted on the GAAQG website.  A hard copy of the supply list will be mailed to a workshop registrant who has provided a SASE for that purpose.  Registrants can print their own hard copy from the list posted on the website.

If a workshop requires or offers a kit, it will be noted and the cost will be specified in the workshop description.  Kits are made and sold by the instructor who will collect the fees for them during the class.  GAAQG does not sell the kits or receive any revenue from their sale, therefore kit fees are not included in the workshop registration fees.


If you have questions or need more information about any guild workshop or the registration procedures, please contact the program chair at  For Quilt University classes, contact the QU Registrar at