GAAQG Presents Audrey Esarey in September

By Jane Clark, VP Programs

Audrey Esarey: Crescent Radial
Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild is proud to present Audrey Esarey of Cotton & Bourbon.  She will be teaching two workshops in September and presenting a lecture titled, “Finding my Voice in Modern Quilting.” Non-members are welcome! To register for the lecture visit

Audrey’s Friday, September 15, 2023, workshop is called “Ultraviolet Radial.”  This is a series of paper-pieced, multicolored circles.  This workshop covers the basic concepts of paper piecing on an arc, curved piecing, and precision piecing. We will also discuss color options and quilting ideas. Students will finish several blocks during class—woohoo!

Friday's Class: Ultraviolet Radial

Ramp up your quilting skills and take curved piecing to a whole new level! Learn tips on how to conquer partial seam techniques with confidence! On Sunday, September 17, 2023, Audrey will teach “Mobius Radial,” which is a two-color oval design. Mobius Radial is a wall hanging made using paper piecing, curved piecing, and partial seam techniques. This workshop covers the basic concepts of paper piecing on an arc, curved piecing, and precision piecing. We will also discuss quilting ideas. There will be a focus on curved piecing and partial seam construction.

Both workshops have a small kit fee of $10.00 plus the fee for the workshop. 

You do not need to be a member of the quilt guild to register for these workshops. For information on the kit and to register for the workshops, visit

Mobius Radial
Sunday's Class: Mobius Radial

Chatting with Audrey

Audrey Esarey in a quilted jacket

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Audrey Esarey of Cotton & Bourbon.   She lives in Louisville, Kentucky.  If you know Kentucky, the state is known for its Kentucky Derby and whiskey, hence the business name. Clever!  Audrey creates very interesting paper-pieced contemporary quilts. I asked her a few questions about herself and her quilting. 

Audrey began sewing as a child.  She was taught by her mother, and she started quilting after an invitation from her mother-in-law to join with other family members for a quilting class in 2005.  She loves learning new techniques, so she decided to push herself beyond typical patterns.  She began to show her work on Instagram and started getting requests from quilt guilds to teach her patterns. All this began in October 2020, right during the COVID pandemic!

While some might think that teachers are super sewers, it takes many hours to flesh out a workshop to teach.  Many steps and samples need to be made to be sure it works!  This is not something that can usually be created in a day, yet Audrey can create a small sample of an idea in a weekend.  Pretty good, I think!  Some of her designs will take months of planning and working depending on the size.  Audrey uses a design wall to continue her progression and stay organized. 

Audrey designs the quilts using her computer and Adobe Illustrator for the most part.   Sometimes she will resort to paper and pencil.  For many of us, learning software is the most time consuming task and not so much fun! 

Have any of you ever dyed your own fabric?  This can be addicting as there is theory and science.  If you are not careful with the colors, you can end up with a pot of muddy brown.  Audrey dyes her fabrics, creates the pattern, pieces the top, and quilts it all on her own.  Nothing is outsourced.  Her favorite part is the piecing and then the quilting. 

Finally, Audrey is an award-winning quilter!  She has been honored with awards in national and international shows, including Quilt National 21, Houston International Quilt Festival, AQS QuiltWeek Paducah and MQG QuiltCon. 

Her patterns and more information can be found