See the Paradigm Quilters Exhibit at the 2022 GAAQG Quilt Show

By Mary Bajcz



Paradigm Quilters is a community of extraordinary art quilters who meet monthly to share ideas and challenge themselves to make quilts to a theme that can be exhibited as a group. The 2022 GAAQG Quilt Show will feature two of the group’s recent challenges, Inspired and Treasure Hunt.

Inspired is a project based on the children’s game “Telephone,” and relies only on a spoken message, passed from person to person. One person made a quilt and then passed it to the next person to use as inspiration for the next artist. Each person got to see only the quilt that was passed to them until the big reveal of all quilts at the end.



Feathered Friend by Barb Kilbourn




The second challenge Treasure Hunt is based on a special fabric designed by Pacific Northwest-based fiber artist Marcia Derse. Each member bought a yard of this exciting fabric to use in her work.

Feathered Friend and Fractured Fences emerged from the Treasure Hunt challenge.


Fractured Fences by Pat Holly














Paradigm Quilters, a community of 18 artists, have quilted together for 20 years and exhibited at sewing expos, the Michigan Medicine Gifts of Art program, as well as shows in Flint and other Michigan cultural arts venues.


The group includes famous, award-winning quilters: Debra Danko, Debbie Grifka, Sue Holdaway Heys, Pat Holly, and Sue Nickels.