QAAQG Quilt Along Week 10 – Assembly

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How are you?

Assembly. How does that sound? Does it sound like accomplishment and satisfaction? We know, right? It’s this bright grin on your face. But don’t get carried away, let’s finish this nicely.



This week’s task

The rows get quite long and skinny. In case you really could resist to attach them right away, you can now have the full experience in one spot.

The bad news: This time, you really should take care and try to be very precise.

Photo by Nico Laudenberg

Even though Nico has heard teachers saying something along the lines of, “measure in the middle, measure twice, and pin the long boarder to the quilt,” she didn’t really listen. She just didn’t see the point. Take the quilt top, attach the unpieced border without stretching the fabric and sew – what could wrong? Hmmm, let’s see. Three inches could go wrong.

After she sewed on the last borders to three Aviatrixes,  she realized that they were super wavy. So much so that it was bothering even sloppy Nico. Unstitching was the only option. After taking it apart, she measured. The freehandedly attached unpieced border was 3 (three!) inches longer than the quilt.

Find some helpful tips in Sam Hunter’s blog post video or Cheryl Daines Brown’s post: The Secret to Flat Quilt Tops: Borders  

What’s next?

Bear with us, we are getting closer, but not done yet. Next week, we’ll have a look at quilting, in case you are doing it yourself.

This week is also a great time to catch up if you are not quite there yet.

Do you already have ideas for the quilting? Let us know, share on Instagram and FB, please! #gaaqgqal. And it’s never too late to learn how to use Instagram: Here is our Instagram Tutorial

New: Save the date! You are invited to join us for our next GAAQG Quilt Day!

 Saturday, May 22, 9 am EDT

 We’ll have our guest teacher David Owen Hastings talk about “Minimal Design, Maximum Impact.” But that’s not all: The lecture is followed by our guild meeting, then we meet and chat in little groups in breakout rooms. And finally: our famous Show and Tell. Be part of it. Send in your Aviatrix pictures: by May 14, so we can celebrate together.

Let us know if you want to come, we’ll send you a Zoom link:

Have the best week you can have,
Nico Laudenberg, Gena Loyd and Nancy Frye

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