QAAQG Quilt Along Week 7 – Checkerboard


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How are you?

It’s quite a lot of pieces that make a propeller, right? But it’s not that hard, don’t overthink it. Propellers are constantly moving, so the points can’t always be matching.

If you’re a bit behind – no worries, we have another relaxed week for you – just do the checkerboard row. If you do it scrappy, make 204 squares in a row and check!

This week’s task – pretty laid back

Follow your pattern, or cut 204 1-1/2 inch squares, sew them together, two times 50 and 52 resp. pieces in a row. That’s it. Really!

Improv Alternative

Or you just skip all that measuring, pressuring precision and do it freestyle.


Checkerboard-ish Row

Take strips of random width, sew them together. Iron and cut across into 1-1/2’’ strips. Repeat until you have two 50-1/2’’ and two 52-1/2’’ strips.

What’s next?

Attach the unpieced border after you made your checkerboard row and you are free to start a pillow ;o)! Or cushion. Or why not both?




Have you seen Suzanne’s technique to sew the strips to the existing rows?

‘Might be a thing in New Zealand (that’s where she is sewing along her Aviatrix with us), and it’s seriously super smart! Find her on Instagram @suzjob1 or search #gaaqgqal





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Have a wonderful week,
Nico Laudenberg, Gena Loyd and Nancy Frye


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