QAAQG Quilt Along Week 8 – Squares

“The soul of an artist cannot remain hidden.”

                                      Henri Nouwen

How are you?

Are you hunting eggs today? Well, we have some sort of square eggs in a square for you.

Maybe you whipped up some throw pillows as last minute Easter presents? Just kidding, we don’t blame you if you did not.

Did you make it through the last row? That one was a piece of carrot cake, right?


This week’s task

Don’t expect an eggstravaganza, but pretty much worry-free chain piecing. We are making a lot of squares in squares (or wonky log cabins, if you choose to). Boring, but with pretty results.

We don’t even have any tips or tricks for you this week, because everything has been said… it’s sewing straight and rather short lines, nothing you cannot do.



You might want to be deliberate how you place your values, though. The colors themselves don’t matter as much as the values do, you will find that they determine the look of the squares more than the colors.

But other than that: Go for it, it is the second last row, are you getting excited to finish your Aviatrix?




Improv Alternative

Skip all that measuring, pressuring precision and do it freestyle!

Lopsided Log Cabin

Make log cabins as you go, start with a square-ish piece somewhat 2- 2-1/2’’ and add strips clock wise around until you can trim the block to 6-1/2’’ square. Quite time consuming, but worth it.





What’s next?

Same procedure as last week: attach the unpieced border after you made the squares or lopsided log cabin row and you are done, yay!

Have a wonderful Easter or Pessach or Sunday. Celebrate and enjoy your way through this GAAQG Quilt-Along. You are getting so close!

Follow some of your new friends in social media, post pictures of eggs and squares, chat and share, do what makes you happy, but always use the hashtag #gaaqgqal

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Have a wonderful week,
Nico Laudenberg, Gena Loyd and Nancy Frye

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