Modern AND Improv—Great!

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Every year one of the wonderful volunteers in our guild gets a quilt–just for volunteering! Isn’t that fantastic? Something that might seem so easy to you, merely stepping up and doing a job that needs to be done, could result in YOU being the one to receive a beautiful quilt.

However, not everyone is in a position to help out when a job comes up. We all have different circumstances and obligations and it’s totally understandable when you can’t make a commitment. This year we have a super-simple way for you to get your name into that prize drawing. Ready?

The volunteer quilt is going to be made, block by block, by volunteers! And it’s going to be modern AND improv! And all you have to do is make a block (or a few!) and you will have a chance to win the finished product.

Nope-this isn’t the one!

This block, known as the Cross block or sometimes the Plus block, is one of the first made popular in the Modern Quilt Guild movement. For you to make one, it will take all of 10 minutes…maybe 13 if you have to press your fabric first!

Gosh–it’s not this one either!

I will be doing a demo at the March quilt day so that you can see how quickly these can go together, and I’m pretty sure that means I can get my name in the drawing, too. I will also post links to a tutorial or two, but, honestly, these are so easy that anyone who has ever sewn a block can whip up a few.

Here are the details:

Use solid colored fabric, any color (hand dyes reading solid are fine)

Make your block any size, from 5″ to 12″

Do NOT trim your block after you make it

Turn it in at the May Quilt Day (or to Kathy Schmidt at any time) and sign your name on the sheet

And just like that, you have a chance to win the volunteer quilt!

Sorry-it’s not this quilt.

All right–I know you are anxious to get started, so here are links to those tutorials.

Our quilt could end up looking like any of the examples shown here, but I’m hoping we have a large variety of colors and that OUR quilt is the best one we have ever seen!

Wish this were ours, but we have to get one MADE first!

This is the block that I have made already. I’m definitely going to have my name on that list!

YES—this block will be in OUR quilt!

Looking forward to seeing what you choose!

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